Thursday, June 18, 2009

Farms and Friends

Well here it is June, wow!!!! May brought Colby's Birthday and he turned 12, and Simon who turned 3. They both had different celebrations, but most of us got together for Memorial Day and celebrated all the events going on for that Day. It has been a family tradition to get together for breakfast and then make a tour of the cemeteries in Heber, Francis and Oakley, that enables us to visit 5 generations on both sides in Heber, and 3 generations in Francis and Oakley and see all the beautiful flowers and remember those who have sacrificed for our freedoms and this beautiful country we have. We should be so grateful to all of those who have gone before.

Then we begin to concentrate on the farms and the irrigation and fencing of the leased ground. The cutting and baling of the hay in Delta. The tritagala hay in Delta has really grown and was I think a very good effort on Eric and Jason's part. The picture of Eric out in the field shows how well it grew. I wanted to show you a picture of the "condo with spa" on the property in Delta, so when we burn this sucker down and get our 5th wheel on a pad and back in the trees surrounding the property you will be able to see the improvements we are making. The picture of Zac feeding the piglet is a classic. We went over to Annie and Tracy's farm, and their old sow had 6 piglets and then couldn't;t feed them, so Annie feed them on a bottle every three hours. She gave Zac a turn and he was so excited. We took Jordyn and Zac with us for a couple of days and we had a good time. We watched the old barn owl up in the tree and the pretty little canaries other birds, hunted for gophers (not hard to find I might add) , but mostly we played cards, ate, watched movies, ate, and worked puzzles and ate and then we slept. The rain kept us from doing much outside work. But we had fun. Delta loves the Averett's we always bring the rain with us. (they don't get much) But now they are wishing we would take it back, every one has hay down, including us.

In June we have Tony's Birthday {I can't believe he is 45} That's the age I think I am, just until I get up to walk or try to do alot in one day!!! And Tyler will turn 18, also unbelievable. He will graduate next year. He is such a good guy, he works as a lifeguard at the community pool and has a cute girlfriend, and runs with a good bunch of friends. Tyler you are so great!!!!

I had the opportunity to have my roommate from 43 years ago visit me from New Jersey. She married and moved back there and I had not seen her for at least 20 years. Sam (her name) came to live with Tony and I when we moved to Salt Lake. She was born and raised in Heber but I met her at the job I was at and we clicked and she loved Tony and we had so much fun the three of us, and she married and moved away, and even though we kept in touch, I didn't see her much. But we made up for lost time and visited the whole day and checked out all the places we had lived and visited some of our old friends. I was so proud to introduce her to my beautiful family. I am so very proud of all of my children and grandchildren and because Sam had not had children, I soon realized (not that I didn't know) how blessed I have been. She marveled at how beautiful the children and grandchildren were and how pretty the valley was and how lucky we were to have stayed here and made it work. She is right!!!! We are lucky and we are blessed. Thank you all for being such good kids and turning out so well. I know Heavenly Father must have had a hand in this. Eric and I just had good luck. But Thanks anyway.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Okay so now it's May, April was okay I guess, We had Andrea's, Julena's and Millie's Birthday's. Millie, Kristie, and I went to dinner and Hannah Montana and Olive Garden, because "they have a good salad" according to Millie, and then went shopping. It was a fun day. Then wasn't Easter in April, oh yeah, it was, I had the Easter Boutique and it went pretty well, and then we had our annual Easter Egg Hunt at Erica's, it was fun, we flew kites and hunted eggs and ate more than we should.

Now comes May, and Mother's Day, oh boy did I score. I got a peony plant, a rose shrub , a massage, a new bling bling watch, and a camera. So I took some pictures and I transfered them to my computer and now, I'm going to be like the big girls and boys and post my new pictures!!!!

Thanks Addison and Kristie for the camera. I think that I have the best children and grandchildren in the world. They all treat me like I'm the greatest. I love you all so much. I got to talk to Wyatt and he sounds so good, I'm not sure that he ready to come home, he is doing so well.

Eric, Jason, and I have been in Delta alot, and we took the kids one weekend to burn the ditch banks and all the junk around the barnyard. We had alot of fun, even if it did rain the whole weekend. We worked and then we went bowling and that Kami beat the socks off all of us.

We are getting ready to set the septic tank and hook up all the utilities to the Trailer, then we will burn all the old barns, (not until I get some ole' barn wood for Shay) and put a road back into the pad for the trailer and we will have our home away from home set up in nicer location. I like Delta really, it is quiet and they have so many birds and wildlife, and we have some place to get away from it all. I will post some pictures that I will take with my new camera!!

Well, Katie and Andy I love your post but I can't reply on it for some reason, my comments won't go through. Tell me how to comment okay?

Enough, I hope I can get these photo's on here.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We made it past Delta on our little road trip, over 1700 miles, mostly Arizona, it was fun to see the different lifestyles & scenery. We laughed alot and had good visits with our friends. We saw the Hoover Dam, Lake Havasue, Tombstone, Grand Canyon, and Glen Canyon Dam, and Lake Powell. That was the first day!!! Just kidding, but honestly going on a trip with an ole' truck driver you do keep moving. We visited with Ed and Nina Clyde in Elfrieda, Arizona which is only 30 miles from the Mexican border. They bought a 5000 acre ranch and they raise hay, corn, oats, and alot of mesquite brush. They have incident every day with illegals crossing their property. I witnessed it up front and personal, they were young kids, and the people they paid to take them further North, left without them, they had paid them thousands of dollars and then they got caught and had to go back to Mexico. There were 7 on the ranch the 2 days that we were there. The Clyde's have a great vision and they are working hard to get it all up and running again. They were so gracious and it was fun for Eric to get on the big tractor and set the GPS and run for hours on one pivot. They have 21 pivots, and when they got this place it only had one running, and they have repaired 16 more and have them up and running. They can raise 7-8 hay crops a year, and 4 corn and oat crops. They do not have cattle yet, but he has built a huge feed lot and they hope to get cows in 2 years. An added bonus to seeing this farm is that Nina is Tim Atkinson's sister, and they had hired him to come and work for them, so Eric got to see his ole' buddy. We went Tombstone and went through the museum's and had our pictures taken in western wear, they had to add extensions to our outfits, and we could not even show our backsides. Maybe we do need to lose a few lbs!!! We saw the Grand Canyon and it was fascinating, and we even went to the IMAX and saw the movie, (last movie Eric went to was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) We really had a good time, but was happy to get home and sleep in our own bed.

When I read my e-mails upon my return, I have been invited to sell my candy at the West Jordan Costco, too bad I haven't much made. I will investigate that and see if I'm too late to get something done and at least do one weekend in March.

Enough already!!!! I just wanted to brag that I made it past Delta!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

After looking at Mary's blog and seeing such a neat tribute to Jay, I thought wow, My ole' husband had a Birthday too, so maybe I should follow suit and tell you just how fun "Freckles and Fun" can be. Eric turned 67 on the 4th, and we had a rip roaring good time, we had breakfast and then went clear to Lehi to get the beef we had slaughtered. Came home and ate some of the Hamburger for dinner. Really, it was nice to have the day together and compare ourselves to the other people our age. I think we are okay, we have some aches and pains, but we still do most of the things we want to do. Just takes us a little longer. We have had a good time most of our married life. We are good friends and Eric does take good care of me and I love how he loves me. He is patient, considerate, and grateful for all I do for him. He never misses an opportunity to tell me thanks for dinner or for cleaning out his under wear drawer. (HONEST)
He is prayful and I enjoy our quite times just watching the Jazz and sometimes I'll sit through a Tractor Pull on RFD Channel. I'm grateful for the children and grandchildren I have because of our marriage and the joy that we recieve from all of them. So Happpy Birthday Honey.

I'm happy to report that our sister Dorothy is doing okay, she is in alot of pain, but the little bit I see of her, she is minding her p"s and q"s and is doing what the doctor ordered. She should be proud of her kids, they have been really devoted to her and John, and they have been there every minute. They are so cute with their parents, and I know that Dorothy and John appreciate all that they do. Kudo's to their family for making the best of a hard time in their lives. I know that all of you will grow from the service that you have given to your parents. I love you for it.

Well just a little brag, and then I'll quit. I have been invited to the South Towne Expo Annual Family Christmas Gift Show. They have an average attendence of 25,000 people to this show and have great sponsers, and advertising. I can hardly believe it, I need to get moving!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well I made the List!!!!

I am so excited, Seth Winterton for the USDA called me today to invite me to a Seminar on Utah's Own, an association for people who are starting up small business to sell in Utah and all over for that matter. But I qualified for their criteria, and made the list. Go to the website and look under the A to Z companies, and there you find The Fudge Fairy. This Seminar helps people like me to get started, and legal , and out there for the public to purchase my candy.

I hope that these ole' legs and stirring arm will make it for another 10 years just to let me see what I can do for this company.

Anyway, I won't post too much more.

Wish me luck, I'll be glad to have some.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Trying to Get Serious about this Blog

Okay, I love reading all of your blog's and I feel so inadequate in posting my boring little life, but I guess if you play the game, you have to participate. So here goes it!!
Eric and I are liking the way the Jazz are playing even without all the team being on board. Watching the Jazz and a few Football games are the one of the things we do together, he keeps busy with the farm work and the few inspections, he has, so when he comes in at night it is nice to visit and watch the games.
We had Addison and Kristie for dinner on Sunday, and we had a very low carb, sort of low fat (less than a pound of Butter on the veggies!!) and a low fat, reduced sugar, lemon bar, burned on the crust so it wouldn't taste as good for dessert. I burned it on purpose you know. The kids were so cute and Millie was bowled over with Colby when he came over to bring some of Jason's world famous chocolate chip cookies, she giggled like a teenager every time he looked at her. She has a crush on Colby big time. Jason had put his dinner in the Crock Pot before he went to Delta with Eric to get hay, so we didn't share out diet feast with them, and no one else called, or we would have had ya' all!!
Did you notice my new blog page matches my Company Packaging for the Fudge Fairy, so now I just need to get some candy made and packaged, and sold.
Please keep Dorothy in your prayers, her surgery is next week.

Monday, January 5, 2009

So okay, I have once again been challenged by my sister-in-law to update and keep going my blog, so I will feebly attempt this challenge. The holiday season was a great, but long one, and we enjoyed all the snow and the parties and seeing every one. The surprise this year was on Eric and I, our kids along with Andrea, bought us a big screen TV. Eric has enjoyed it so much, we can see the scores of the Jazz games, and everything. Sometimes when he finally goes to sleep I take my little snuggly blanket and sneak in his chair and watch the Hallmark Channel until wee hours of the morning. So I really like it too. I also was the receipient of much needed stuff, pencil sharpener, crockpot, fry pan, scale for the Fudge Business, vacumn for the Trailer, and shoes from the Shoe Lady. I stayed busy with the Fudge Fairy until the very last day before Christmas, this year I made over 300 lbs of Fudge and at least 35 batches of caramels, and I quit counting the Corn Pops. I had a couple of contracts with resturants in Heber and that made me happy. I was more than happy to get to talk to Wyatt, who by the way only has 210 days left. I visited Mary Anne and Jay thinking she would be down for the count with her leg in the air, and she was getting her nails done, but I did get to visit for a minute. I need to talk to her about dragging the sympathy thing out, I almost have it down. Of course Robbin can tell when I'm acting!! (Grandma sleepover) So this year, I'm not making any resolutions, I'm praying to maintain good health, job security for me and all of you, and staying on top of a few things. So I wish alll of you a Happy New Year, and love you all